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I’m in an odd mood. Lately I’ve been unhappy and moody with everything.

Also afraid.

Three or four nights ago I had a dream about Baron Samedi coming to kill me. I know it’s silly but I’m still afraid and shaken to the core. I’m wondering if I should leave an offering for him or if I’m just being a freak again.


I’m hoping the reclaiming rite will lift my spirits.


So it’s been two months since my last post. Very typical of me. It’s not that I want to neglect my path but sometimes I let other things get in the way. I’m going to change that starting today.

Starting today I’m setting up a daily routine for myself, sort of like in high school. Before I sit at my computer I’m going to meditate or work on anything else on my path. I find I often say ‘oh, I’ll level my shammy for an hour and then get to work on…’ and that never happens. So now I’m going to reverse that. It’s now going to be ‘hey, first I’m going to do what I set out to do. I’m going to do something that actually matters then I’ll waste my time on things that don’t, like MMO’s.’ Sorry if that insults people who play MMO’s but I think I should make time to do things that will help me grow spiritually and as a person.

But before I can work on my faith (i know right?) I need to work on my messy apartment. So I’m going to hit ‘publish’ and then get started on my work. I will not sit down in front of this machine until I have accomplished something. While this sounds like common sense to other, to me it’s something I have to constantly work at. I had a wonderful routine before I was put on bed rest for two months, then it kind of went to pot. Time to reserect that routine.

Day One of that starts now.

Wish me luck.

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