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While I love reading and learning about Paganism more and more each day, expanding my knowledge and figuring out what fits with me more I’m kind of getting sick of some of the people in the community. Maybe it’s because of how they’ve come off in their emails but I don’t think others should tell us how to worship.

I don’t think that if someone wants to keep their religion to them self instead of telling other people then they should. If they are not comfortable coming out with it then that’s their thing. It doesn’t make them any less Pagan and they should not be made to feel that way.

Over the last three days the mailing list I’m on has been bombarded with emails either supporting or not supporting that point of view and everyone is entitled to their point of view but I don’t think people understand how they come off on the internet. The way this person has handled them self I don’t think I ever  want to meet them in person. When I saw that thy are not attending an event that I am going to I was overjoyed. They are short and snappish and I really don’t think being around that person would be good for either of us.  Said person might be attending some meetings with another group that I’m interested in meeting with but I’m sure that would be okay.

I don’t know anymore. Maybe I’m over thinking this all together but right now maybe some distance is what I need. Maybe I should just focus  on solitary practicing instead of group work.

On another note I think Hestia is calling to me. I’ve been researching her but there isn’t much out there that I can find. Guess it will be trial and error from now on.

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2 thoughts on “005

  1. JuniperMorgan on said:

    I can understand your position. One’s spiritual beliefs are sometimes entirely too personal to be shared, and should never be pressured. Let’s just say that there is a reason after 20 some years I remain a solitary, with occasional exceptions for my partner or a holiday observance with carefully considered friends.

    • I’m going to be attending a few different meetings with different groups this month and if I seem to jive with one I’m going to try it out. I’ve been practicing alone for a while now and I’ve been a bit well, lonely. Thankfully it’s only one or two people that are snippy and rude about their feelings while everyone else pretty much agree’s to live and let live. I’m hoping the Samhain rite goes off smoothly though, and in case it doesn’t I have a back up rite that I can do alone.

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